Soul 1st Records


Since 2003, Soul  1st Records Music and Entertainment has sought to bring the world a true  flavor of Soul Music. As we move through 2017, Soul 1st embarks in a  new direction with new projects in the works that will solidify our  position in the music world for years to come. We are proud of our past  accomplishments with the likes of Omar Cunningham's three titles on our  label, Time Served, Growing Pains, and All My Best, The Soul Hits  released in 2015 and still going strong. Vick Allen gave the music world  the now classic soul standard, titled, "Soul Music" from the top  selling Soul Music album which surpassed his previous top seller, Truth  Be Told with the monster hits, Forbidden Love Affair, If They Can Beat  Me Rocking and I'm Hooked, all soul classics. Soul 1st even ventured  into the country music world with Candy Campana's album, titled, Sweet.  There was also the underground hip hop release by G.K.J., not to mention  the two soul albums that launched the label, Life, Love & Money, by  Daybreakk! and Groove U, by Mose Stovall. Both still popular on radio  even today. We ventured into the gospel world with the release of the  Legendary Soul Stirrers, members of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and  once led by the greatest ever, Mr. Sam Cooke. We served the homeless  community with a release by the Soul 1st Family, titled, Please, Can You  Lend a Helping Hand featuring Omar, Vick, Mose and Candy.

We now welcome Model/Actress/Dancer Kiaria to  our entertainment family. Soul music is alive  and well, right here at Soul 1st Entertainment and we are here to STAY!