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Vick Allen The release of Soul Music… marks the beginning of a new direction for Gospel, Soul, and Blues artist, Vick Allen whose previous hits include: I'm Hooked, Forbidden Love Affair, If They Can Beat Me Rockin, Woman On The Side, When You Pack Your Bags, Baby Come Back, and Clean House, just to mention a few. Vick has now done as Omar Cunningham by taking his career to the next level with joining Soul 1st Records. Vick Allen's new single is also the title of the new album to be release in October 2012, titled Soul Music. The single is zooming up the music charts and adding new radio stations weekly. Vick's last album, Truth Be Told" also on Soul 1st is widely considered the best Southern Soul record int he last 10 years as  evidenced by him being named artist of the year for 2011 and having the best recording with If They Can Beat Me Rockin in 2010. Vick Allen a prolific writer who has penned tunes for Willie Clayton, Omar Cunningham, Mel Waiters, Denise LaSalle and is one of the most established artists in the genre of Soul Blues/Southern Soul music. The new album includes 11 new tracks, including the Sam Cooke classic, “That’s Heaven To Me.” The other 10 songs are for the grown and sexy crowd for sure. The first track and soon to be Southern Soul classic, I’m Hooked in upbeat in the traditional Vick Allen R&B mode and sure to get the chitlin circuit clubs bumping and thumping. If They Can Beat Me Rocking is track two and is a very melodic fast groove with a poignant message for sure in irresistible hook. I’m Thankful (For My Woman on the Side) is destined to be a controversial ballad as Vick proclaims all the things his woman on the side does that this woman at home won’t. I Need Some Attention is perhaps the most t mainstream track and sure to gain Vick more R&B fans and perhaps many more overseas in Europe. This track is a very emotional cry and outstanding R&B track. The first single Forbidden Love Affair (The Preacher Song) is a musical story that will stand the test of time. Forbidden is very melodic and hooky with great vocals and music. The subject matter is one familiar with church goers but has never been put to music quite like Allen as done. Look for this one to stay on the charts for a long time. All in all Truth Be Told….does just that. Its stories of life in love affairs from all angles have been masterfully crafted by one of the best young writers in music. Fortunately for music fans he kept his best work to date for himself, “Truth Be Told… “ The new record by Vick Allen is entitled, “Truth Be Told… for a reason. That reason is Truth Be Told, very few artists out there can touch Vick Allen vocally or talent-wise. This new release will take him to his rightful place on top of the music world.. For more information contact Soul1st Records at 205.222.8656 or on line at