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Omar new CD, Growing Pains, in high demand!

The Southern Soul and Blues world has been highly anticipating the new release from Omar Cunningham for the last year in hopes it would stimulate and slumping Southern Soul sales market. Many insiders have commented that Omar Cunningham is now the bonafide top artist in the Southern Soul/Blues arena based on consistently rising star and legions of fans worldwide. While other pretenders to the Johnnie Taylor throne have fizzled, Omar has continued to grow in his artistry, writing and producting. His last album, "Time Served" launched the monstrous hit "Beauty Shop" and was lead off by what many consider the perfect Southern Soul song, "My Life."

With the weigth of a genre on his shoulders, Omar has surpassed expections with the new release of "Growing Pains" and the lead hit single, "I'm Your Maintenance Man" now burning up radio and heading toward crossover success. The demand from retail and mom and pops record shops has been brisk. There was even a bidding war among several independent distributors for the new disc. Selecto-Hits known for its niche in Southern Soul won out but the real winners are the fans. Omar delivered a perfect 10 for 10 with Growing Pains. Every song, from Do Right to If We Can't Get Along delivers with much emotion and soul. This is a must have for soul music fans everywhere. If you are not hearing Maintenance Man, you need to call your local radio station and ask why?

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